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Portfolio™ -- Add & Update Webpages in Minutes  » [Photos]
Portfolio™ generates leads because:
1. You can add in-depth information fast & easy
2. It’s easy to browse, and organized
3. Each page includes a feedback form

To attract leads f  ...
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ShopKeeper™ -- The Tireless Sales Team  » [Photos]
Sell or quote your products/services from your website!

1. Grow your business
2. Convert leads into instant orders
3. Make sales 24/7
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Formatted Email & Website News Archive  » [Photos]
Formatted email news delivered from your website!
1. Events and opportunities
2. Latest accomplishments and awards
3. Product specials and tip sheets
4. Archived in YOUR website!

Are your best   ...
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BidGetter™ -- Online Planroom  » [Photos]
BidGetter™ turns your website into a procurement tool.
1. Advertisements plus unlimited bidding documents.
2. In YOUR website, building YOUR database of suppliers!
3. Lowers your costs and improve  ...
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Library™ -- The Information Hub  » [Photos]
Library™ lets you store and share information through your website:
1. In seconds, upload dozens of documents
2. Any file type, any file size
3. Public or private access
4. Fast and easy to browse  ...
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Status™ -- Keeps Customers Happy & Home!  » [Photos]
ACEN Status™ turns your website into a customer service tool providing:
1. Unlimited public or private projects and status reports
2. A simple, common report format
3. Pictures and unlimited attach  ...
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Heavy Duty Hosting™
The ACEN data center in Amherst, New York is connected to the Internet via the same fiber optic sonet ring that supplies CitiBank’s North American check clearing facility.

Our data center building   ...
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Marketing Solutions
Email Success Stories -- Remind Them!  » [Photos]
How Will They Know You’re The Greatest If You Don’t Remind Them?

Notifier™ is a great tool for spur-of-the-moment marketing. Every time you tackle a great project, snap some photos, summarize the h  ...
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How-It-Happens Portfolio -- Demco Inc.  » [Photos]
Sometimes it’s just impossible to tell someone what you do. Especially if you knock things down and haul them away. There’s nothing left of your work to show off!

That’s when you need a slide show.  ...
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Library™ -- Information Is Marketing  » [Photos]
Sometimes the best way to market your expertise is to demonstrate expertise through in-depth information. The Internet makes it easy. You can store and share vast amounts of information in your websit  ...
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Project Portfolio -- Driscoll Electrical  » [Photos]
It’s hard to tell people what you do. That’s because expertise and accomplishments are difficult to describe but a picture can tell your story at a glance.

Portfolio™ is a software application that  ...
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Property Portfolio -- Erie Beach  » [Photos]
The Erie Beach Development uses their Portfolio to provide home tours and a look at their community in Fort Erie, Ontario – directly across the Niagara River from Buffalo, New York.

Erie Beach is a  ...
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Communication Solutions
Email Newsletters: Better, Faster and Cheaper  » [Photos]
Team members need to be informed and reinforced. That’s why every membership organization publishes a newsletter and a lot of companies do the same. Now there’s an easier way.

In this day and age,   ...
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Information Bulletins: Learn From Politics!  » [Photos]
No matter your politics, the 2004 campaign already elected the Internet. That’s because we’ve seen the power of email to reach and inform lots of people fast.

Often, you need to do that too. For in  ...
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Product Bulletins -- Specials & Sales: Fast  » [Photos]
Having a sale? You could paper the street with newspaper blow-ins or you could let people know the easy, fast and clean way: send a product bulleting by email.

Use ACEN’s Notifier™ to build formatt  ...
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Technology Bulletins: Share your Expertise  » [Photos]
People trust an expert. And, you’re an expert! That’s because you spend a huge amount of time being good at what you do. Leverage your expertise by sharing it with others.

It used to be that you ha  ...
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Management Solutions
An Online Store  » [Photos]
The world is your marketplace and your competitors are gearing up. Even if you can’t quite imagine shipping a product to Timbuktu, your local customers would like the convenience of shopping your stor  ...
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Better Bids Through Online Bid Advertising
Contracts management is a tedious task. Your website can make things easier.

BidGetter™ is an easy system for advertising bid projects complete with unlimited project documents and addenda. BidGett  ...
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Give Customers Status Through Your Website  » [Photos]
The key to happiness is status. Think about why your phone rings. Somebody wants an update. If you have numerous customers or if you manage numerous projects, you need Status™.

Status™ is an easy t  ...
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Customer Testimonials
Brunner Enterprises Inc.
Brunner Enterprises Inc. is a stocking distributor of both custom and standard aluminum extrusions and aluminum fittings, and the connectors and fasteners needed to secure them. They carry a selection  ...
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Erie County DPW
The Department of Public Works is responsible for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and repairing the physical facilities of the County including its roads, bridges, buildings and grounds  ...
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NFTA Engineering
The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority is a multimodal entity encompassing a skilled and dedicated work force. We are firmly committed to providing efficient and professional transportation ser  ...
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Town of Cambria, NY
Established in 1808, the Town of Cambria once encompassed all of Niagara County and from that, twelve towns were subsequently formed. Cambria has a rich and distinguished past of which we can all be p  ...
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