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Fast, Easy and Inexpensive
Email Instantly, Anytime
Adds Fresh Content to Your Website
Attracts Visitors Back to Your Site
Informs and Notifies
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  How Will They Know You’re The Greatest If You Don’t Remind Them?

Notifier™ is a great tool for spur-of-the-moment marketing. Every time you tackle a great project, snap some photos, summarize the highlights and email everyone you know with the good news. They’ll remember you and know that you’re business is going strong. Then, when they need expertise like yours, you’ll be at top-of-mind.

Notifier™ is an easy-to-use software application that enables you to make great-looking email messages right inside your website. Anywhere you can go online, simply fill out the building-block forms to add pictures and attachments to your messages. Then email hundreds of people in your contact registry with a single click. The message is lightweight because the pictures and attachments actually remain on the server until the recipient opens the message. Then they download just like a webpage. That prevents your messages from clogging your recipients’ email boxes.

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