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Why & What?
Here's the problem: You need a website that can make money but not waste your time.

ACEN makes it easy. Solution-specific software applications – “Working Website Tools™” will give you the power to use your website to…

  1. Receive sales leads.
  2. Deliver information by email and file sharing.
  3. Perform sales, bidding or project coordination.
Working Website Tools™ are easy. Simply go online and login to add-to or modify your website. Build web pages with pictures, text, and attached documents fast because the software takes care of the tough stuff like optimizing photographs and uploading lots of documents with a single mouse click.

They’re easy AND they’re powerful. Every ACEN Working Website™ is built atop its own relational SQL database. That’s important for two reasons: First, your website will stay organized as it grows. That makes it easy for you to manage and easy for visitors to use. Second, you’ll have the option to add functionality over time.

For instance, you can start with Notifier™, our formatted email tool. Later, add a private Library™ to store and share documents. The Contact Registry database that drives Notifier™ will also give you the power to assign login access to the Library™.

When you’re ready to add online bidding (BidGetter™) or online project coordination (Status™), your important contacts will already be in your website’s database. A single login will let teammates see private information. A single registry will enable you to update contact information once, across all your Working Website Tools™.

Working Website Tools™ are easy and unbreakable; focused and organized; affordable and fast.

We’ll interview you to understand what you’re doing now and how you can do it better, faster and cheaper with the web. We'll help you estimate the ROI of a Working Website™ and then provide the right tools to meet your needs. Our detailed proposal will include timeframe, budget and tasks that you’ll need to perform to have a Working Website™ fast that will get results fast.

How Much?
With ACEN, you can eliminate the large expenditures, complexity, and long timeframes typically associated with obtaining a high-performance website. That's because our software is already written, debugged, and proven.

You’ll pay an upfront customization, build-out and training fee that is going to be about 1/5th the cost of developing a high-performance website from scratch. Thereafter you’ll pay a monthly hosting and software rental fee. These fees cover the cost of data storage, user licenses, search engine registration, ongoing software maintenance, and free version upgrades.

How Much Time?
We've turned-out custom Working Websites™ in as little as five days! But you should budget 30 days and allocate a half-dozen hours to review our progress and supply initial website content. (Compare this to six-months or more to design and debug website software from scratch and you'll like the fact that Working Website Tools™ are already written, tested, debugged, and proven!)

Corporate Info.
ACEN is a privately held corporation located in Amherst, New York, between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Founded in 1997 to enable the building industry to use the Internet for bidding, employment, and material procurement, our early customers wanted the power to perform those tasks inside their own websites. We obliged them by creating Working Website Tools™.

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