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Hundreds of messages delivered in seconds
“Click” to add photos or attach documents like event flyers or agendas.
No postage, no message fee
Visitors subscribe through your website.
Leave a copy on your website & add a new page of website content.
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  No matter your politics, the 2004 campaign already elected the Internet. That’s because we’ve seen the power of email to reach and inform lots of people fast.

Often, you need to do that too. For instance, membership organizations need to stay in touch with their members and Notifier™ makes it easy. That’s what the Construction Exchange of Buffalo discovered. They send their Membership Newsletter and Event Bulletins to members in an instant using ACEN Notifier™.

Notifier™ is a software tool that makes it easy to build formatted email messages complete with pictures and links to large attachments or web pages. You needn’t know a thing about HTML or formatting because Notifier™ does it for you – including re-sizing and optimizing your photos for fast online viewing. Documents are sent as links so the message size is actually very small even though you could attach several large documents such as meeting minutes or event flyers.

Notifier™ makes it easy to send messages to sub-groups of your distribution list. That’s because it is integrated with ACEN’s Contact Registry™ software that collects all your important contacts right in your website.

Finally, Notifier™ doesn’t send spam. Since messages are sent from your website, they carry your authentic IP address so that recipient mail servers can verify that your are a “friendly” message sender. Also, recipients of your messages can de-activate themselves from your mailing list. That enables you to tap the immense power of the Internet to communicate fast and free without becoming lumped-in with those who abuse this great technology.
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