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Deliver hundreds of Sale or New Item messages in seconds.
No postage, no message fee
Latest Product Specials, Demonstrations, Store Hours
Unlimited attached documents & pictures
Automatically stored on your web site
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  Having a sale? You could paper the street with newspaper blow-ins or you could let people know the easy, fast and clean way: send a product bulleting by email.

Use ACEN’s Notifier™ to build formatted email messages complete with pictures and links to large attachments or web pages. You don’t need to know how to build web pages, because Notifier™ does it for you – including re-sizing and optimizing your photos for fast online viewing.

Notifier™ makes it easy to send your entire catalog by email without clogging up your recipients’ mailboxes. That’s because the catalog will remain on the server until the recipient clicks the link and downloads into a web page. Your email messages will be small and fast moving but they’ll contain links to an unlimited amount of back-up information that you can upload with a single “click” of your mouse.

Since Notifier™ can leave a copy of your formatted email message right in your website, every time you generate a bulletin, you can add a fresh page of content to your website – automatically. That helps search engines find you and it enables your customers to use your website and your email product bulletins as a 24 / 7 information repository.
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