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  Email Newsletters: Better, Faster and Cheaper  » View Photos
Notifier™ formatted E-Newsletters and E-Bulletins
“Click” to add photos or attach large documents.
Message size is small because attachments are really just “links” to files left on the server.
Easy-to-Manage Contact Registry
“Click” to leave a copy of the email message on your website.
Go to Web Site See ACEN “Success Stories” Created and Emailed Using Notifier™
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  Team members need to be informed and reinforced. That’s why every membership organization publishes a newsletter and a lot of companies do the same. Now there’s an easier way.

In this day and age, email newsletters are BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER than print and post newsletters. That’s because the people you need to reach aren’t at their desks anymore. They’ve gone traveling; they’re working from home; or they’re in the field. By the time your mail reaches them, it isn’t news anymore.

Email newsletters are instantaneous, free, and easy to receive whenever, wherever your recipients check their email. You can also leave a copy on your website. Now, with a single mouse click, you’ve delivered the news to the exact recipient who needs it and you’ve added a permanent archive to your website where any of your team can go to retrieve a copy anytime, anywhere. And what does that mean? Well, for starters, you can go back to using the conference room for meetings because your collating and envelop-stuffing days are over!
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