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24 / 7 home tours
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Easy to “contact us”
Easy to add photos anytime
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  The Erie Beach Development uses their Portfolio to provide home tours and a look at their community in Fort Erie, Ontario – directly across the Niagara River from Buffalo, New York.

Erie Beach is a new residential community minutes from Buffalo and just an hour south of metro Toronto on the lake Erie Shoreline. Still, home buyers like to shop anonymously before they reach out to a developer. A website can be the perfect tool.

Portfolio™ makes is super simple to build an inventory of properties in your website. Just take pictures with a digital camera and upload them with a single “click”. Portfolio™ does the rest. It re-sizes the pictures so they look good on the website. Portfolio™ also optimizes the picture file size so that the image is sharp but it still downloads fast.

We know it works for website visitors because after we install Portfolio™ in a website, the average length of time that visitors spend on the site typically doubles. That’s because visitors like to click through photos and information if it downloads fast.
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