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  Heavy Duty Hosting™
99.95% uptime
Fiberoptic SONET ring
Sonicwall 330 firewall
Daily data back-ups
Secure data stored as encrypted
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  The ACEN data center in Amherst, New York is connected to the Internet via the same fiber optic sonet ring that supplies CitiBank’s North American check clearing facility.

Our data center building employs electronic perimeter security with 24/7 surveillance. The data center room features a steel core door with an electronic passkey lock.

The data center is supplied with isolated power backed-up by “whole room” Liebher uninterruptible power supplies and an onsite diesel generator.

ACEN provides Microsoft Windows and SQL web and data hosting. Servers are continuously monitored and updated with security patches recommended by Microsoft. ACEN is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network.

All ACEN web servers reside behind a SonicWall 330 firewall with Network Address Translation enabled. SonicWall is commonly recognized as the leading Internet firewall.

ACEN’s web and data servers are equipped with 5-raid 5 disk arrays. If a disk fails, the remaining disks will function while a replacement is “hot-swapped” into the array. Bidding data is stored in encrypted formats. Therefore, even if a disk is removed from the ACEN datacenter, sensitive information on that disk remains encrypted.

Each morning ACEN writes all data to back-up tapes that are carried off-site in case of disaster. Sensitive data is stored in encrypted format. Therefore sensitive data stored on these disaster recovery tapes is encrypted and useless without the encryption keys assigned exclusively to your website by Equifax Services. The disaster recovery tapes cannot be used to examine bid information prior to official bid opening.
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