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  Better Bids Through Online Bid Advertising
Get more and better bids faster and cheaper
Save time and money on advertising
Save time and money with reproductions and mailings
Create an online-accessible archive of the RFQ
Add a lock-box and receive your bids online, too!
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  Contracts management is a tedious task. Your website can make things easier.

BidGetter™ is an easy system for advertising bid projects complete with unlimited project documents and addenda. BidGetter™ makes it easy to advertise private and public projects – you simply set the access level with a checkbox. When you require visitors to register to see project documents, they automatically become “Plan Holders” so then you can notify of them of addenda with a simple, instantaneous email. You can also use fax notification if you choose.

Think of the time you’ll save. Answer the phone by directing callers to your website. And when you hang up, your finished! You won’t need to photocopy a document, stuff an envelope or fax a blueprint. Let your website do the work!

BidGetter™ makes it easy to advertise any procurement. That’s because each bid project includes an unlimited document repository where you can upload specifications, photographs, blueprints or any file that completes your RFQ packet. Addenda are just as easy to upload into neat, easy to search document categories.

And, you can do it now. That’s because ACEN developed BidGetter™ nearly three years ago. Since that time, hundreds of projects and thousands of documents have been presented to public and private bidders using BidGetter™. Their opinion: “it was the first online offering that actually worked properly” (testimonial message from the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority).
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