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Product portfolio and an online showroom of applications
SKU Catalog with variations by size, color, etc.
Secure shopping carts and credit or debit transaction tools
Bill of material and RFQ form
Easy to start and grow as demand justifies deeper e-commerce integration
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  The world is your marketplace and your competitors are gearing up. Even if you can’t quite imagine shipping a product to Timbuktu, your local customers would like the convenience of shopping your store anytime, anywhere they can go online. It’s easier than you think.

You can begin with a simple product portfolio or a limited catalog with your best-selling products. ACEN can help you plan bite-size steps and measure your results.

No matter your need, we have the tools. If you sell nuts and bolts, you’ll love our SKU table that makes it easy to show a representative product and simply add the list of variations in an easy to read, easy to choose-from table.

If your products are “one-of-a-kind”, a Product Portfolio might work best. A picture slide show of product and applications will let visitors understand exactly why they need you.

Then, we’ll help you choose a secure shopping cart where you can receive credit cards and bank debit information in a secure, encrypted database or perhaps you merely want your customers to complete a bill of material and request your quote. We’ve supported both requirements and we can help you too.
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