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Notifier™ formatted E-Newsletters and E-Bulletins
“Click” to add images, “white papers” or links.
Message size is small because attachments are really just “links” to files left on the server.
Visitors may subscribe through your website.
Leave a copy on your website & add a new page of website content.
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  People trust an expert. And, you’re an expert! That’s because you spend a huge amount of time being good at what you do. Leverage your expertise by sharing it with others.

It used to be that you had to be published to demonstrate your know-how. Now you can use Notifier™ formatted email bulletins to publish yourself. Here’s how:

Notifier™ lets you build professional email messages of any length in simple “block-by-block” sections. That makes writing up a case-study or tip-sheet easy. Keep the highlights brief and attached detailed information by uploading documents, pictures and supporting websites. It’s as easy as stacking dominoes.

Now, broadcast your bulletin to all of your teammates, customers, and prospective customers whom you have entered into your Working Website™ Contact Registry™. They’ll receive the message in their email inbox. It’ll be small and attractive because all of those attached documents that you included will actually stay on the server until called. That way you can send a lot of information in a fast-opening message.

If you leave the message on your website, you’ll be adding a page of detailed and expert content that will improve your search engine performance and demonstrate to unknown visitors that you’ve got the expertise they need. And that’s the best marketing of all.
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