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  Portfolio™ -- Add & Update Webpages in Minutes  » View Photos
Easy to browse
Easy to update
Easy to organize
Great for search engines
Feedback from every page
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  Portfolio™ generates leads because:
1. You can add in-depth information fast & easy
2. It’s easy to browse, and organized
3. Each page includes a feedback form

To attract leads from your website, show off everything you do!

Portfolio™ makes it easy. You can add a webpage in just minutes by filling-out a simple form. Add photos directly from your digital camera -- Portfolio™ software automatically crops and optimizes for fast web viewing.

Every web page that you create using Portfolio™ includes a photo, bullet-point highlights, a web link, a document link, a 12-photo slide show and an all-important feedback link. When visitors see what they were looking for, they’ll email you.

Portfolio™ is great for businesses with an abundance of products, services, properties, or success stories. And don't worry about digital photography. Portfolio™ automatically processes the pictures to make them appear in your website sharp and fast. You won’t need software or special skills -- it's a do-it-yourself tool!

Portfolio™ is a one stop marketing solution. Every Portfolio™ page is automatically composed into an attractive, letter-size and printable PDF document. Use Portfolio™ to support your sales force with printable marketing material anywhere they go online.

To see an example of Portfolio™, look no further! We use Portfolio™ to display our products!
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